Older Sister Experience Dormitory Limited Edition Presented by Michiking

Shipping from Japan
This is an amazing large B5 format hentai manga from artist Michiking and GOT Comics that will blow your mind! This is a huge limited edition of the manga.
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If you love the concept of Onee x Shota, then you will love the stories inside this book!

Teppei is the only son of the "dorm mother" at the prestigious St. Yurigaoka Academy, an all girl's academy, and as a result he's always getting approached by all the girls, who want his cock in them. It's great because they have so much experience, and all he can do is cum in each girl when they make their move on him.

Normal manga are B5 in size, but this book is a massive B4 sized book, like a doujinshi, but with 280 massive pages, including 16 in color.

This ero manga is newly restocked!

Pages: 280

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