PRINCESS X - My Fiancee is a Monster Girl?! Regular Edition

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JAST USA is happy to announce Princess X: My Fiancee is a Monster Girl?! for preorder. The most excellent "Monster Girl" game ever, this is the game that created the current Monster Musume genre!

Shinichi Mikuriya's average life takes a turn for the weird when his dad drops a megaton bomb - he's engaged! To multiple women! And they aren't even human!

Each new fiancee is stranger than the last, and they're all madly in love with him. Worst of all, whoever he doesn't marry might destroy the world! Which monster girl will you choose in the end?

Check out the girls you get to interact with in this game:

Naja (Nadius XII)
Princess of the Gorgoneion Empire, a military superpower on the world of Demiurgos. Naja is a powerful sorceress, feared throughout the land. She has come to our world to make Shinichi her husband.

Proxie (Proxima)
A Holy Knight of Messier, Gorgoneion's chief rival on the world of Demiurgos. She came to our world on a mission to kill Naja, and proposes to Shinichi in order to keep Naja from marrying him.

An Arbeit servitor robot from the Machine Empire Amorphous, which is based in Antarctica. She is expressive, but due to her inability to speak human language, has difficulty making herself understood. Only Komadori can communicate with her freely.

A Frei ruler machine from the Machine Empire. Though unfailingly polite in manner, she has an acerbic wit. She enjoys making things difficult for Shinichi's other fiancees.

Lady Tegusu
A princess from the Night Country, the land of yokai. Her speech and manner are old-fashioned and demure. She's also something of a ditz. Her father ordered her to marry Shinichi in order to fulfill a debt.

Preorder bonus: This game comes with awesome bonus items only available to customers who preorder. Get a set of four character pins with the four main heroines, plus the game soundtrack. Order now!

--This Game is ONLY Available OUTSIDE of JAPAN--

Minimum Specs
OS: Windows Vista / 7
CPU: 1Ghz Single-core
Memory: 256MB
Video: 800×600, DirectX 9.0c
Hard Drive: 2GB

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