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A pinch of neglect here, a splash of blackmail there, and just a quick glug of guilt… and you've got the makings of a splendid NTR story.
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Kurosu Gatari is partnering up with J18 Publishing yet again for a brand-new series with Summer Affair: A Wife Seduced by Two Playboys! Yet another excellent NTR story, this definitive physical edition of Summer Affair is bursting at the seams with all the juicy MILF goodness you can stand.

Seto Yumiko is a young stay-at-home mother, happily on a beach vacation with her husband and son—or at least she would be, if her husband hadn't abandoned the two of them for dinner and drinks with his clients. Lucky for her, Yumiko meets two young men who are happy to entertain a lonely mother… and more than happy to appreciate her voluptuous figure, barely contained by a white string bikini. But when Yumiko realizes the two men have snapped a quick picture of the three of them, she'll do anything to make sure her husband never sees it—and maybe a little something to relieve her sexual frustrations as well…

J18 Publishing and Kurosu Gatari are proud to present you with this—in the artist's own words—"exquisitely-printed" English edition of Summer Affair! Printed in the original large-format B5 size, this fully-translated release features everything you loved about the Japanese version, but now without a single black bar of censorship. Grab one while you can, before someone else spirits your copy away!

Pages: 104
Size: B5

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