Saimin Seishidou - Tsubaki Miyajima ~ Lingerie Collection (Random Color)

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Here's a great new offering from Lune Pictures: the official lingerie worn by your favorite Saimin Seishidou hentai girl. This is MILF Tsubaki Miyajima's bra and panty set.
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Enjoy this official hentai product from Lune Pictures the lingerie worn by Tsubaki Miyajima, from the popular anime Saimin Seishidou (Hypnosis Sexual Guidance). It's a high quality bra panty set that you can use anyway you want!

Tsubaki is the mother of Sakura, and one of the most popular MILF characters. She likes her underwear that's elegant and frilly. The style will not change but the color will be one of three random colors.

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Size: Female size M

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