PEERLESS Marie Mamiya -- Life Sized Real Oppai

Shipping from Japan
From the popular hentai game and anime series SLEEPLESS by artist Sei Shoujo comes this legendary life sized real oppai sex toy, made by Tamatoys.
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SLEEPLESS is an amazing hentai with great characters, the best of whom is Marie Mamiya. Now you can touch her firm breasts, suckle her nipples and pleasure yourself between in the valley between her boobs, thanks to Tamatoys.

The new toy is amazing, recreating Marie's breast in every detail, with the matching the art of Sei Shoujo perfectly. The touch of her skin is incredible, and the detail of her nipples perfectly matches the original.

Best of all, this oppai ero toy is compatible with the larger Oppai Board system made by Tamatoys, so you can place the breasts in a secure base, with a printed cover going over it to complete the fantasy. This is a product only Tamatoys could have brought us!

(Note that this item requires the "Super Real Oppai Board" which is larger than the standard Oppai Board system. Please check before purchasing.)

Weight: 4300g (9.5lbs)
Width: 32cm (12.6in)
Length: 24cm (9.4in)
Height: 13cm (5.1in)

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