Amayakase - Spoiling My Silver-Haired Girlfriend Download Edition

Take a break and enjoy some lovely time alone with a beautiful silver-haired girl named Anya, in the visual novel eroge, Amayakase.
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Produced by the up-and-coming development team monoceros+, JAST USA is proud to introduce their debut title, Amayakase – Spoiling My Silver-Haired Girlfriend! In this story, we get to watch the budding relationship between you and a cute girl who will help soothe your exhausted body and mind. Take a break and enjoy some lovely time alone with a beautiful silver-haired girl drawn by the incredibly talented Naenae! This title is approximately 90% H-scenes, and you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy good morning blowjobs and sex in a variety of positions featuring uncensored artwork and background moans! Please show your support to monoceros+ and look forward to a wonderful fapping experience! Story: You are a company employee who finds a beautiful girl sitting outside his home. She’s your niece, Anya. She tells you that her mother went on a trip overseas and that she was told to come and stay with you—it’s dangerous to live alone! In exchange for letting her live with you, she offers to help with the chores, prepare meals, and to give you a lap to lay your head on when you get home from work, just like a diligent newlywed wife would. You become more calm thanks to her, but that’s when certain “thoughts” start racing through your mind. Eventually, you can’t resist your excitement any longer, and when you decide to take care of your “needs” in private, she walks in on you, and... --This game is ONLY available OUTSIDE OF JAPAN— Minimum Specs: OS: Windows 7/8/10 CPU: Pentium4 2.3GHz, Core2Duo 2GHz Memory: 1GB Staff: Key Art: Naenae Colorist: Rokudou Itsuki Script: assault CV: Himari Voice: Fully Voiced (Heroine Only) Music: Wight

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