Insert Air Pillow Cover #248

Shipping from Japan
This is the 257th Insert Air Pillow Cover by Tamatoys featuring art by O-Uso.
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This is a fun new way to enjoy solo play time from Japan, the Insert Air Pillow system that makes everything more fun. Here's how it works blow up the Insert Air Pillow (sold separately) and insert your favorite onahole (sold separately) into the pocket at either end. One pocket is bigger than the other, to allow bigger onaholes to be inserted, and the end is smaller, for smaller toys. Then slide this Mini Dakimakura over the Insert Air Pillow and commence to fuck your favorite cute anime girl. Made in Japan by Tamatoys,

This is a mini dakimakura pillow cover which goes around the Insert Air Pillow and onaholes. Enjoy the front or the back!

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