Yume Miru Kusuri - A Drug That Makes You Dream Download Edition

The legendary hentai visual novel about life, love and finding someone to complete you!
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Get Yume Miru Kusuri as part of the 2-in-1bundle pack with Little My Maid. Yume Miru Kusuri - A Drug That Makes You Dream is an interactive multi-scenario dating-sim game for adults that explores life, love and growing up in modern Japan. Loaded with teenage angst, confusion, frustration and wonder, and beautiful artwork that draws the player in, this is a game like no other! Story I am just an average student, living an average life. I study, I work my part-time job, and get through the day just like everyone else, trying not to be beaten down by the pressures of modern Japan. Then suddenly, the winds of change blow into my life, when I encounter three girls who reshape me forever. Three girls who are most definitely not living a normal life like everyone else in Japan, but who seem to float above society, strangely unaffected by it. Instinctively I know I should avoid getting involved with them, and yet before I know it, my destiny is bound with theirs. Where will it all lead? With art from the accomplished pen of Haimura Kiyotaka and story by veteran scenario writer Tanaka Romeo, the bittersweet tale of three heroines unfolds. Will you choose to defend Aeka from becoming the victim of classroom aggression, help Mizuki with the burden of her work as student council president, or accompany the cat girl Nekoko on her quest for the mystical fairyland that only she can see? Their fate, and your own, lie in your hands. System Requirements OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 Processor: Pentium 2 or better RAM: 32MB Graphics: Directx 9c Hard Disk: 780MB free space

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