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When a peeping tom has his cover blown, the last thing he expects is for his target to be just as turned on as he is!
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Urasuji Samurai returns to J18 Publishing with Outrageous! A young man has a chance encounter with the woman he's been peeping on for weeks, but she knows he's been watching all along... and now, she wants to invite him over!

When security worker Kai gives his old pair of binoculars one last hurrah, he doesn't look up at the night sky... but across the street, into the charming Ikenaga's window! When he runs into her one day outside his apartment, she doesn't seem to realize he's been eye-fucking her every night. In fact, she asks him on a date! Ikenaga tells him everything she's from a small town and moved to the big city for the thrill, which is why she's been masturbating in front of an open window every night with a clear view into the apartment across the street. She knows exactly who Kai is... and he can forget the binoculars, because she's ready to go at it with him all night long.

J18 Publishing and Urasuji Samurai are pleased to present this special English edition of Outrageous. Printed in large-format B5 size and featuring fully translated dialogue and SFX, this release preserves everything you loved about reading the original... except now, you can appreciate Urasuji Samurai's gorgeous artwork without a single black bar of censorship! You don't need our permission to peep on the contents of this book, so you can start enjoying yourself right away...

Pages: 90
Size: B5

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