Jupo Jupo Mama

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This is a fun onahole that simulates getting an awesome blowjob from a cute MILF!
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The sound effect for a dick being sucked is "jupo jupo," and the Jupo Jupo Mama lets you experience the feeling of being sucked off by an experienced MILF.

The onahole is designed to simulate the inside of a mature woman's mouth, including every detail of the back of her throat, her tongue, and her lips. The toy focuses on creating a suction space while you're inside, to create the perfect sensation for you. Best of all, the tongue moves separately while you relieve your stress!

Now you can feel what it's like to ejaculate inside the mouth of a hot mom!

This toy is made in Japan for maximum safety and quality. Starter lotion is included in the sealed box. It has been manufactured in accordance with Japanese hygiene law no. 370, and the materials are 100% phylate-free.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Length: 14cm (5.5in)
Weight: 250g (0.6lbs)

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SKU: OD166