Anus Plug Rotor ~ MIZO

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Here's an amazing item from Japan: a vibrating Anal Plug Rotor that provides vibration when inserted into your butt! This is the MIZO (large grooves) version!
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This is an amazing new concept in stimulation for men, an anal vibrator that you insert into your butt, then activate for a switch to feel strong vibration. It stimulates your prostate gland, which will make for some of the strongest orgasms you will ever feel, including dry orgasms!

The device is an anal plug that's designed to be inserted into your butt. The bullet-type vibrator goes inside the plug and has a switch for activation and selecting of one of ten vibration patterns. There are two large "stopper wings" to keep the device from falling in to places it should not go.

The vibrator takes three LR44 batteries, included inside the box. There are ten different vibration patterns to choose from.

This is the MIZO type anal plug, with large grooves along the outside for amazing stimulation.

Always use common sense when inserting anything inside your body. The vibrator unit should never be inserted without being inside the plug piece.

Length (insertion piece) 7.1 cm
Diameter (insertion piece) 4.4 cm
Stopped width 8.6 cm
Weight 108 grams
Anal plug materials Soft TPE

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