DOHNA : DOHNA -- KIKUCHIYO (Tamatoys x AliceSoft Collab Toy)

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Dohna Dohna: Let's Do Bad Things Together! is a fun eroge launched by AliceSoft. It's got great characters and fighting action, and great music. And now, an official hentai onahole line from Tamatoys!
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You will love this line of official hentai onaholes from Tamatoys and Alice Soft based on the DOHNA DOHNA eroge, with characters designed by Buro Muse. The toys allow you to choose exactly the kind of stress self-management you need.

This is Kikuchiyo, a capable and stern member of the team, who is an expert with a sword, and has a razor-sharp intellect. The toy is dark in color, and promises 60100 for stimulativeness, meaning you won't be over-stimulated, 100100 for tightness, meaning a good tight fit, and 50100 for vacuum suction force.

The toy comes with starter lotion inside the box.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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