Mure-Joshi -- Sweaty Girl -- White Knee Socks & The Scent of JK's Foot

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We love official hentai products that help us use our imaginations in new ways. This is a set of tights + the scent of a girl's sweaty feeet! This is the black tights of a rich JK.
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Tamatoys brings us a great official product designed by artist O-Uso: the actual tights worn by the characters, combined with a bottle of spray aroma that captures the smell of her feet!

The package contains a pair of standard socks made in the image of the girl on the package, which come with a bottle of aroma spray, to make the socks smell like the sweaty, steamy tights after they've been worn all day. What an amazing product! Each aroma is unique to the girl on the package, and different from the others in the series.

This version is the rich high school girl character the artist has created.

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