Super Gal Rich Erotic Body

Shipping from Japan
The amazing folks at Japanese onahole maker Magic Eyes have made a great 'torso' style sex toy that simulates a tanned gal for you!
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About the product

Product Description

We love Magic Eyes for their high quality male stress toys, and here's an amazing new tors-style ero toy that recreates the entire body of a tanned and sexy gyaru for your pleasure!

Where to start with this amazing toy? It simulates the entire breasts, ass, stomach and pussy of a tanned GAL's body, letting you ravage her any time you want, depositing your seed deep inside her.

The toy is amazing, very pleasing on the outside, and even better on the inside. Push open her vaginal lips and you'll see an amazing series of crevices and ridges that suck you in. The ridges hold lotion between them, too, making everything feel great for you. The inside of her vagina is accurately pink colored.

Because the toy has breasts, you can play with them while you relax, or even use them to pleasure yourself. At 940g of mass, the toy is thick and satisfying, and great for customers wanting a larger onahole experience.

To clean, wipe out with tissues or use one of the maintenance kits available on J-List.

Made in Japan for maxmum safety, comes with a storage case and lotion.

Package art by Kintsu RIKI / Senri Gan.

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Length: 23cm (9.1in)
Width: 11cm (4.3in)
Weight: 940g (2.1lbs)
Material: UnrealSkin

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SKU: OD131