New FUTAMATA Insert Air Pillow

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This is the inflatable version of the FUTAMATA Pillow toy, which you blow up with air, insert an onahole between her legs, then cover the whole thing with one of the excellent FUTAMARA Insert Air Pillow covers by you favorite artists. It features a hole to hold your favorite onahole, a length of 1.5 meters, and is compatible with any Insert Air Pillow FUTAMATA Cover (sold separately).

Here's how to use the Insert Air Pillow FUTAMATA buy the inside inflatable pillow with split legs (sold separately) then wrap this Insert Air Pillow FUTAMATA cover over it, zipping it closed. Add your favorite onahole into the provided space between her legs, and you've got the perfect 2D waifu sexual experience!

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Size: 500mm×1500mm

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