Open Slingshot ~ Sex with Your Otaku Friend is Mindblowing

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Here's a fun sexy cosplay item based on a popular character from a hentai doujinshi!
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Enjoy a fun sexy cosplay item that re-creates the erotic item worn by Miyoshi in the manga.

This is an official collaboration onahole based on the character created artist Arubu for his hentai story "Otaku Tomodachi To No Sex Wa Saikou Ni Kimochiii." It's a great official hentai cosplay product for use with that special person!

The item features two bands that go over the shoulders and one that goes through the crotch. It's sold as F size (for females) and the length is 62 cm. It's rated as "suitable for men or women to wear" but tall men might want to reconsider.

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