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Better living through technology might be the slogan of Tenga, and their Tenga Flip Zero is a great onahole that can be easily cleaned after use.
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What do you get when you take one of Japan's most amazing masturbation aids and added vibration system to it? The Tenga Flip Zero, and incredibly advanced device for relieving your personal stress. Here's how it works like every Fliphole, device is a highly engineered tube that can be cracked open along the hinge, allowing easy access to the inside so you can clean it when you're done. Unlike the other Fliphole products, this one has a high-powered vibration sytem, with five modes, low, high, pulse, swap, and random. The vibration is done using two complimentary vibration systems, the "Deep Impact Engine" located in the bottom part, and the "Overt Clock Engine" continues at a different rate of speed.

There is no battery to be inserted, just charge your Tenga Flip Zero with USB. To clean, just crack the unit open and wife with tisues, damp cloth, or even run it underwater if you like.

--This Product is ONLY Available INSIDE of JAPAN--

Length: 20cm (7.9in)
Width: 10.5cm (4.1in)
Weigh: 1200

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