ASHIKOKI! -- Black Tights School Girls Foot -- Right Foot

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We love the creative works of hentai artist O-Uso ("big like"), who draws his character JK-chan, who wear sexy dark tights. And now you can own the actual foot of JK-chan!
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Tamatoys has created one of the most unique products ever, a life-sized foot that allows you to enjoy ashikoki, or a foot job, similar to tekoki, what a handjob is called in Japanese.

The product is...a human sized foot, with five toes, which you can play with while you relieve stress, or use it directly to stimulate you. There's no hole to insert instead you use the toy directly, or slide between her toes.

The foot comes with a stocking to cover it, so you can have fun with the foot covered with her sexy tights, or remove the tights and use her bare foot. Use it with the official O-Uso branded "tights aroma" which Tamatoys also makes.

Artist is O-Uso (Oouso)!

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