USB Simple Onahole Warmer

Shipping from Japan
Onaholes are even better when they're warmed up to the perfect temperature, and with this handy USB onahole warmer, it's easy to do!
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A truly fantastic onahole accessory from Japan, and as the name implies it's a simple onahole warmer. It uses USB to power itself and warm your onahole. Just insert the onahole warmer into the onahole (fits with most onaholes), plug the USB cable to a computer and in just 5 minutes your onahole is wonderfully warm and ready for action. Perfect for those who want a more realistic experience. Another amazing high-tech sex toy from Rends.

Warning: Do not use warmer to warm onahole for more than 5-10 minutes. The insides of the onahole might melt or the onahole might get too hot and cause burn injuries.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Size: 14.8x1.8
Cord Length: 85

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