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Here's a great onahole offering that offers an amazing innovation: three tight rings that you pass through as you use the onahole, which grip you from all sides, like a girl's cute fingers.
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From Nippori Gift comes this new original onahole for men, with 3 power rings that are incorporated in the hole structure, maxing out the experience. Nippori Gift, popular adult toy maker in Japan innovates again with this new hole that delivers a whole new experience to all onahole users. Made of super high quality silicon, it is big enough and fits great in the hand, thanks to the high elasticity of the material used. The inside melted core provides a warm, super slippery inside, with curves that reminds the real thing. No doubt that with the included lubricant, you be able won't last long pounding it, and even less when you pass through the 3 power rings, merged in the structure and carefully placed at strategic G-spot points. An amazing experience for all onanie lovers. Fully washable and reusable.

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