Separate Type Sailor Pajamas - Otokonoko 2L

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Here's a great new outfit for your otokonoko lifestyle: Sailor Pajamas, which look like a super cute school uniform but you can sleep in them!
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Product Description

This awesome new item by Tamatoys is a 2L size sailor pink pajama. It's made for the otokonoko but it can be worn by women, too. Awesome for pajama parties and sleep-overs, or for discovering your true self. The pajama is a one piece type of clothing, which is maid of a shiny material that reflects light and feels good against the skin.

This set of Otokonoko Sailor Pajamas are "separate type" meaning that the top and skirt are separate pieces.

Size: Otokonoko 2L (men's M)
Bust Size: 92~100cmcm (36259.8in)
Waist Size: 94~102cmcm (37048in)

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