ASHIKOKI! -- Black Tights School Girls Foot -- Left Foot

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Fans fo hentai artist O-Uso ("big like"), who draws his character JK-chan, will love this new offering: a left food to go with the popular ASHIKOKI "foot job" sexy toy!
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J-List customers love the ASHIKOKI replica of JK-chan's right foot, which lets you enjoy the feel of her food against your nether regions. Now you can enjoy foot masturbation with both of her feet, thanks to this offering, which recreates her left foot perfectly. Comes with black tights for her to wear, too, or take them off and go with her naked, bare feet.

Comes with starter lotion, made in Japan in the Tamatoys-owned factory for maximum safety and quality.

Artist is O-Uso (Oouso)!

(Ero Toy Top Staff Pick!)

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SKU: TMT1598