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Pepee Lotion is such a highly regarded brand of sexual lube in Japan that it's found on 100% of JAV sets. This is the awesome "Organic" version which is 100% natural!
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Pepee personal lotion is the ultimate helper for when sliding up to someone you love, or whenever you need things to go a little more smoothly. This is a large bottle of deluxe Pepee Organic lotion, featuring 360 ml of pure passion. Made with Inca Inchi Oil and Brazilian Pepper oil, it's exhilarating and fun for couples to try, or use it alone. Recommended for advanced lotion aficionados who want to release their inner beast inside which get your ladies hot and spicy for plenty of slip sliding fun. Also highly recommended because it contains no strange chemicals nothing but water and polyethylene for slipperiness. Since there is no spermicidal chemical, it's also safe to use when trying to conceive. A great novelty, made in Japan. Water based.

Ingredient list Water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, xanthan gum, hydroxyethylcellulose, methylparaben, phenoxyethanol, EDTA-2Na

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