Puni Ana Miracle DX (Renewal)

Shipping from Japan
Get ready for the largest, most detailed and most awesome 'torso' style onahole toy you've ever seen: the PUNIANA MIRACLE DX!
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This is a larger "renewal edition" of the PUNI ANA MIRACLE DX, a huge torso-style toy from PxPxP. It simulates a busty tanned maid for sexual relief anytime you need it!

It's a huge toy that simulates everything you want in a large onahole breasts you can play with. An ass you can smack. A wonderful vagina that you can fuck any time you like. Or go for the anal option if you want to change things up!

The breasts are amazing, with a soft material inside for an accurate feel, with a natural outer skin and accurately colored pink nipples. The breasts are large enough to enjoy titty fucking, too!

Both holes are awesome and ready for you, any time you need them. The vaginal hole is totally accurate, with pink coloring and many grooves inside for you to discover. The anal route is great, too, providing a tighter feel for your, anytime!

At 10 kg, this is the largest onahole we've ever seen. It's designed to be used on a flat surface such as a bed, and you can pretty much use in any position you want. The full sized torso can also wear clothes and do cosplay for you!

An onahole this large would be damaged under its own weight, so the toy has a strong inner skeleton, ensuring it can keep its shape for a long time.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Length: 50cm (19.7in)
Width: 26cm (10.2in)
Weight: 1000g (2.2lbs)

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