Sujiman Kupa Virgo

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One of our top sellers, the Sujiman series from Magic Eyes gives the most realistic masturbation experience ever. And this version simulates a sweet virgin bride on her wedding night!
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The Sujiman (suji = "muscle" and man ="manko" or pussy) is a fabulous line of male masturbators from Magic Eyes that have won many fans, and now a new version is here, with even more realism for you. A perfect replica of the vagina of a virgin bride, it features amazing detail both inside the out, including dual color, a realistic pink coloring inside. She's a virgin, but don't worry since she'll get used to you in no time. Includes lotion, made in Japan for maximum quality. Made of 100% Phtalate free "Love Love Mocchi" materials.

An onahole our customers all love!

(Ero Toy Top Staff Pick!)

Length: 17cm (6.7in)
Weight: 900g (2lbs)

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SKU: AO329