La verita e figlia del tempo – Sweet Lotion -- Japanese Lube

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Wow, the Japanese have made "oral" lotion that's great for using with oral or fellatio onaholes! It has just the right consistence, just like a cute girl's saliva!
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Enjoy this great new sexual lotion from Japan's top sex toy maker Magic Eyes, perfect for solo or couple use. The lotion is specially designed to simulate the sexual juices of an inexperienced girl who's trying extra hard to make you happy with her body, with a light sweet scent and high quality chemical design. The bottle has an easy to open bottom that allows you to dispense the lotion you need then close it with only one hand. 220 ml.

Ingredients Purified water, sodium polyacrylate, sodium saccharin, sodium EDTA-2Na, fragrance, propynyl iodide butylcarbamate

This ero lotion is newly restocked!

weight: 220g (0.5lbs)

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