La Bocca Della Verita (Mouth of Truth) - Perorin

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How realistic an a fellatio simulation onahole be? This is an amazing toy that features the sweet mouth of a cute girl, right down to her separately molded tongue and real teeth you can feel!
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We love the company Magic Eyes for their fellatio simulation toys, and the La Bocca Della Verita -- Perorin is their best oral onahole simulator work yet. A slightly smaller version of their last release, it's got a soft touch that simulates the nose, lips, mouth and tongue of a cute girl about to give you a special treat with her mouth. The materials are all so realistic, you won't believe it when you slip inside after lubing her up. While the tongue is just amazing, as it moves around inside, what's incredible is her teeth, made of a firm polyrubber, which bites you ever so softly -- this is called amagami in Japanese.

This onahole carries a warning to "not fap too much." We can totally understand this warning!

Made in Japan by Magic Eyes, starter lotion is included.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Weight: 400g (0.9lbs)
Length: 20cm (7.9in)

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