Awakening of an Unfaithful Wife -- Jutei no Mebae

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Here's an amazing henti manga from artist En Sumina and Angel Comics exploring the best married women cheating stories!
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The genre of NTR is slightly different from the "hitozuma" genre, which focuses on married women who give sex to other men for one reason or another. This is a great collection of stories exploring married women who need more than their husbands can give them.

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Monday When My Husband Is Not Here
2. Revenge Training
3. Unclear Sisterly Relationship
4. A Secret Mutual Friendship (affair with a sexy boss who wears glasses!)
5. Gap In The Love Of Deprivation (a tanned gal and her married teacher)
6. Hot Spring Randy's Wife
7. Public Morals Vs Lewdness Not A Match For Dirty Gals
8. Expectation And Lasciviousness

Pages: 192

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