Hajimete Otoshi

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Enjoy this fun hentai manga from artist Kou Umemiya and GOT Comics!
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Enjoy the first-ever tankonbon release from new artist Kou Umemiya...his "virgin" manga release. The manga gives us great stories of

The chapter list for this manga is

1. A Gamer Boy Live Buzzing Operation
2. OTONASHI-san is Being Sexually Bullied
3. How To Be Happy
4. Why She Is Absent With A Cold
5. The End Of A Girl Who Pays Her Bills
6. Playing In The City For The First Time (tanned gal story!)
7. Please XOXO Me, My Darling
8. A Childhood Friend Who Reunites After A Long Time Has Turned Into A Gal
9. Bonus Color Illustration

Pages: 204

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