ViViDoll MOE (Dual-Use Torso Type Onahole)

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A great giant "torso style" onahole from Maccos Japan that recreates the entire body of your hot girlfriend, allowing you to pleasure yourself with her pussy or ass, and play with her sweet body!
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Apparently large sized "doll type" sex toys are getting more and more popular, because they keep making more great ones. Now Maccos has a new series of torso type sex toys that let you have all kinds of quality fun when no one else is around.

This is ViViDoll Moe, a super cute moe girl you're dating, who's happy to go home with you and let you have sex with her, letting you do anything you ask because she loves you so much. Want to have vaginal sex, and in any position? Sure, Oniichan. How about anal sex? She's a little doki doki, but if you want to, it's okay. You can do anything you like!

The toy is a huge torso with breasts, ass, plus awesomely developed vagina and anus, allowing you to have the most realistic experience possible. You can do it missionary, doggy style, sex from above, girlfriend in your lap, it's all possible. The toy is so large, it's got an internal skeleton to make sure it keeps its shape.

Made in Japan, starter lotion is included. To clean, push tissues into the orifice used repeatedly until completely free of liquids, and store in a cool, dry place.

Package illustration by Hayakawa Akari.

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Length: 30cm (11.8in)
Weight: 3.6g (00lbs)

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