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Oh no! A noble silver-haired Dark Elf has been taken prisoner, and you're responsible for guarding her. What naughty things will you do with her?
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This is a great onahole from TamaPremium, the premuim brand of Tamatoys which is where the company does their best work. This onahole simulates the sweet, pure vagina of a tanned Dark Elf who was captured. Since she's totally in your power, it's time to get the party started!

The toy is great, simulating the "organic" flesh of a real elf's interior with bumps and dots and grooves that stimulate you from all sides. It's a large and stretchy toy, and should be good for customers who need a larger onahole experience. The toy also simulates the elf girl's G-spot for you!

Onaholes are ranked with a "star system" so you know what to expect before you buy. This toy is rated as 3/5 stars for stimulativeness, so you will finish faster than average, 2/5 stars for firmness, meaning it's a soft and realistic toy, and 3/5 stars for tightness, meaning it's tight but not too tight.

Like all Tamatoys ero products, it's made in Japan in a factory owned by the company, for maximum safety and quality. Starter lotion is included in the box.

Great for customers wanting a larger onahole experience!

Artwork by TahTah6.

Weight: 340g (0.7lbs)
Length: 18cm (7.1in)

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