Yogoreta Shirosa o Nanto Yobu? THE HOLE ~ Limited Edition with Acrylic Stand

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We love official hentai adult products that let us experience sex with 2D girls from manga, and this is a great new offering from Tamatoys!
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Enjoy this official hentai onahole based on the Yogoreta Shirosa o Nanto Yobu? ("What Do You Call White After It's Been Dirtied?"). It's the story of a tanned athletic girl named Kanon Fujisaki who on the volleyball club, and is dating a nice boy...but is going to get blackmailed into having sex with Nishishima-senpai.

The onahole is great, giving you an extremely accurate re-creation of Kanon's hole. Push past her large pussy lips and you'll find a great space inside, with large dots and grooves reaching out to touch you from all sides.

This onahole is ranked as 2/5 stars for firmness, so it's nice and soft like a real vagina, 3/5 stars for stimulation, so it won't over-stimulate you, and 3/5 stars for tightness, so it's not too tight and not too loose.

This is a first-print limited version of this onahole, which has an acrylic plate with art by artist Bouhate for you!

This toy is made in Japan for maximum safety and quality. Starter lotion is included in the sealed box. It has been manufactured in accordance with Japanese hygiene law no. 370, and the materials are 100% phylate-free.

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Weight: 380g (0.8lbs)
Length: 16cm (6.3in)

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