Insert Air Pillow FUTAMATA Cover #151 (Crotch Type)

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This is the Insert Air Pillow Futamata Cover #151 by Tamatoys featuring the exquisite art of illustrator Rian Yometogi.
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The Insert Air Pillow series from Tamatoys is amazing, an inflatable pillow that holds an onahole, which is then wrapped with an outer cloth cover to provide the ultimate solo sex experience. Now the company has taken things to a new level with the Insert Air Pillow FUTAMATA (crotch) toys, a large inflatable body with separate "legs" and a hole to hold your favorite onahole. Wrap the Futamata Body pillow with one of the sexy illustrated cloth covers and you'll be ready to party!

Here's how to use the Insert Air Pillow FUTAMATA buy the inside inflatable pillow with split legs (sold separately) then wrap this Insert Air Pillow FUTAMATA cover over it, zipping it closed. Add your favorite onahole into the provided space between her legs, and you've got the perfect 2D waifu sexual experience!

This Insert Air Pillow FUTAMATA pillow features art by art artist Rian Yumetogi, with the ability to fuck the girl from the front or the back!

Length: 1500cm (590.6in)
Material: 2-Way Tricot

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