Ejaculation Training by Reiwa Gal

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This is another amazing onahole that promises a unique experience: to be sexually trained by a modern girl whose pussy is so incredible, you won't be able to resist!
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In the world of onaholes, some aim to be realistic, accurately recreating what a vagina is like, while some toys, such as this one, throw reality out the window, stimulating you so much internally that you can't help by cum. This toy recreates a "slutty Reiwa gal" (a modern girl who loves sexually training her lovers) who has not one but two uteruses for you to penetrate. The result is an extremely high-stimulation experience that you will love.

Made in Japan for maximum safety by A-One, and starter lotion is included.

Illustration by artist Wingheart.

Weight: 300g (0.7lbs)
Length: 14cm (5.5in)

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SKU: AO843