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The bar has officially been raised with the newest oral onahole from Japan, which simulates sweet fellatio delivered to you by JAV star Yuna Ogura.
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Every time we think we've seen the most amazing erotic onahole from Japan, they go and surprise us. This is the most amazing fellatio simulator we've ever seen, which accurately reproduces the teeth, lips and nose of porn star Yuna Ogura. Inside it there's a rotor attached to the tongue that makes it vibrate when you turn it on. Also, you can move the tongue up and down manually by pushing the throat up with your finger and letting it go.

In addition to that interesting gimmick, you get a really well made oral onahole, that's 955 grams in weight, for maximum realism. The jaw opens 13 cm, and the length is a long and satisfying 20 cm.

In addition to the tongue, there are teeth made of a soft rubber polymer, which you can feel scraping over your penis as you fap. It's incredible!

Made in Japan by Enjoy Toys.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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SKU: ET269