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Introducing the new Tenga Flip 0 Gravity, an amazingly advanced masturbation aid from Tenga that's with vibration and more! This is the Hard edition.
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An updated version of the classic TENGA FLIP HOLE, this advanced onahole is super awesome because it's so easy to clean after use just pop the toy open and clean the insides of any fluids that may be present. This new version has strong vibration built in, too, for an extra amazing session!

To use, activate the switch on the side by long-pressing, which turns on the Deep Impact Engine. You can choose from several vibration modes by single-pressing the switch.

When you're done, crack the unit open again to clean, either with tissues or with running water. The toy can be attached to its stand with the wings open, to allow the toy to dry properly.

This is the "Shikkari Hard" version, made of firmer materials on the inside of the shell which will get you off faster. In general we recommend "firm" onaholes for more experienced users.

Starter lotion included inside the package.

Use Time 40 minutes
USB Recharable w/included cable.
Made in Japan

Length: 20cm (7.9in)
Weight: 1000g (2.2lbs)

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