AIV - NO.01 -- Advanced AI-Made Onahole

Shipping from Japan
Tamatoys is back with another AI-designed onahole for maximum stress relief. They trained an AI algorithm to create the most amazing sex toy for men!
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This is the AIV, or Artificial Intelligence Vagina, designed by an advanced AI to offer the best balance of design, materials and feel for you, The toy is amazing, made of soft materials that feel like human skin, and the interior of the toy is filled with bumps and mountains and valleys to send you to heaven as quickly as possible. At 480 grams, this is the perfect weight.

Oneholes are ranked so customers know what to expect ahead of time. The AIV advanced AI-made onahole is ranked as 3/5 stars for stimulation, so it won't over-stimulate, 3/5 stars for firmness, and 3/5 stars for tightness.

Length: 16cm (6.3in)
Weight: 480g (1.1lbs)

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