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Introducing the Tenga Flip 0, an upgraded version of a customer favorite, which adds vibration to the mix. Wow!
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The Tenga Flip Zero is one of our most popular adult toys because of it's revolutionary vibration system which combines two vibration sources the Over Clock Engine located at the middle and the Deep Impact Engine located at the bottom that gives the masturbation aid a unique and stimulating sensation, making it an incredibly advanced device for relieving your personal stress.

This is the Black version, a stronger and harder version of the Tenga Flip Zero for people who want more powerful vibrations. Like the standard version, the Black can be cracked open along the hinge, allowing easy access to the inside so you can clean it when you're done and it also doesn't require any batteries to insert, just charge it via USB. Made in Japan.

--This Product is ONLY Available INSIDE of JAPAN--

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