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Here's a fun ero toy from Tamatoys: a silicone "clastity device" for men that ensures that special person doesn't play around behind your back!
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It's fun to use sex toys from Japan to spice thiings up. This is a "chastity device" that's basically a lock for a penis, like a chastity belt for men.

To use it, attach it to your penis and wrap the silicone strap around the bottom of the scrotum. The toy includes a small metal lock with two keys, and there's a hole at the tip of the toy to allow for urination.

There are three lengths of silicone ring to allow for proper fitting 15 cm, 17 cm and 19 cm. This allows for a comfortable and secure fit.

In an emergency, the strap holding the device in place is soft enough that it could be stretched to allow for removal. The silicone ring could also be cut with scissors. Please use common sense whenever using any kind of adult toy.

What fun things can you do with this chastity device for boys?

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