Punyu Kitsu!!

Shipping from Japan
One excellent "torso style" onahole that offers the complete female body for you to sample is the Punyu Kitsu!!, a great toy our customers love.
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A bold new company called Boostoy has exploded onto the scene with fully-featured yet affordably priced premium masturbation aids. This is the Punyu Kitsu!! toy, which translates as "soft and bouncy yet tight around your memeber." It's a "full body" type toy that give you two ways to play. First enjoy the sweet vagina, which is pink color accurately and swirls around your penis just like the real thing, with dots and bumps and everything just the way it should be. You also have her "anal route" and can push into her tight asshole any time you want to make things different. So much onahole for such a reasonable price! You can also use her breasts for titty fuking!

The Punyu Kitsu!! onahole is a great dual-use sex toy for double the fun!

Weight: 1450g (3.2lbs)
Length: 25cm (9.8in)

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