PUNI VIRGIN ZERO Lv.3 (For Training)

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The newest PUNI VIRGIN ZERO offering from Japanese ero toy maker PxPxP is here, and it's amazing!
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Here's the new PUNI VIRGIN ZERO Lv. 3, the third edition of the popular self-care toy from PxPxP. The super-stretchy toy is great for "training" as it's super smooth inside, closer to what a real girl feels like, allowing you to train yourself to last longer.

To help in your sexual training, the onahole comes with three cock rings of varying sizes, which you attach to the base of your penis. This makes it harder to finish and allows you to improve your skill in bed.

The materials are high quality, made of the company's proprietary GrowUp Skin, which changes and shapes itself the more you sue it. At 400 grams of material, it's the perfect thickness for you.

This toy is made in Japan for maximum safety and quality. High quality Pepee Lotion is included in the sealed box.

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Weight: 400g (0.9lbs)
Length: 17cm (6.7in)

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