Hanjuku Succubus -- Shiori Yumeno Lotion

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Here's some great lube to make your next solo section go swimmingly, the Hanjuku Succubus Shiori Yumeno Lotion!
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J-List customers know that a great masturbation experience needs great lotion, and Japan's personal lube is the best in the world. Enjoy a new larger size of the Hanjuku Succubus, a great water-based lotion for all kinds of onaholes or other use, which provides a great lubrication to help things glide along nicely all the time. With a massive 370 ml of lotion, you'll get months or years of use out of this one bottle. Also has a great adapter for easy application wherever you need it.

Ingredient list Purified water, carbomer, sodium polyacrylate, sodium hydroxide, propynyl iodide butylcarbamate

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