Tatehida Spiral - Zori Zori HARD

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We'd all love a succubus girlfriend who needs to collect our semen in order to survive, and now Toy's Heart has a great new onahole that simulates one!
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Skilled ero toy manufacturer Toy's Heart brings us a great new toy for stress relief that simulates a horny succubus who wants us to shoot our jizz deep inside her! This is a semi-transparent toy, meaning that you get to look down and see your member inside, doing its business. It's also a "hard" toy made of firmer materials, so you will be able to get off quickly.

The inside of the Tatehida Spiral Super Hard is designed with ridges and grooves inside, which shift and change when you rotate the toy 45 degrees, giving you the ability to stimulate the bottom of your penis in different ways depending on your mood.

This is a "long body" toy that's great for users who need a larger onahole experience. The toy is ranked as being "tight" (for a good close feel) and "highly stimulative" (to get you off quickly).

Made in Japan for maximum quality and safety, starter lotion is included inside.

This is great for anyone wanting a larger onahole experience!

Length: 18cm (7.1in)
Weight: 315g (0.7lbs)

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