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Remember, that cute girl in your class is a regular person just like you… except for when she isn't.
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J18 Publishing is proud to collab with IND Kary for their first-ever English physical release: Hey, Nerd. You Think a Loser Like You Can Stand Up to a Succubus? It's a mouthful of a title, but this book's contents are exactly as advertised! You think a hentai addict like you can resist reading further…?

Kurosaki Nika's one of the most popular girls at school, and it's not hard to see why: her blonde hair, short skirt, and low-cut top make her a real head-turner! Of course, our protagonist isn't so easily swayed by her feminine wiles—he's strictly 2D-sexual, preferring the company of his mobage waifu to IRL women. But one day he discovers Kurosaki's secret: she's actually a succubus, and our main character is starting to look mighty tasty! But she'll make him a deal: if he can last a full day at school without letting Kurosaki harvest three loads of cum from him, she'll forget he ever found out about her. But while this challenge may seem like an easy victory for our protagonist, Kurosaki's got a few tricks up her sleeve… and two more inside her shirt.

J18 Publishing is delighted to bring you this special physical English edition of Hey, Nerd. You Think a Loser Like You Can Stand Up to a Succubus, presented in its original B5 format! With every bit of Japanese text translated and each SFX lovingly lettered by hand, this English release preserves everything there is to love about the Japanese version—minus, of course, all that pesky censorship. If you like perfect prickly-personality gyarus, this is the book for you… so long as you don't mind if they're succubi.

Pages: 40
Size: B5

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