Micchaku Pissius (Succubus Onahole)

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The newest in the '666' series from A-One, this is a thick and satisfying toy that simulates a hungry succubus eager to take your seed deep into her body.
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The newest in the popular series of multi-level onahole from A-One, this builds on the success of the Absorption Lilith demon girl and Absorption Lamia snake girl toys by giving you a sexy succubus who needs your sperm. Like the other toys in the series, it's extremely thick, and is built on a multi-level system of deep grooves that you can feel sliding over and under your member as you move deeper inside. It's one of the best experiences you can ask for in an onahole!

The onahole is very tight (micchaku) and you will love being balls-deep inside your new succubus waifu any time you get the urge. Starter lotion is included inside the box.

Illustration by Wingheart.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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SKU: AO951