Daily Life at The Monster Musume's Mansion

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Here's a memorable hentai manga from artist Shioji Urase and Moog Comics focusing on monster girls who need loving!
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Artist Shioji Urase and Moog Comics bring us a single-volume long story about a very lucky man who lives in a mansion populated with monster girls, who naturally crave his cosks.

Yukino is a poor university student with no money who needs a place to live because his student dorm was unavailable. Happily there's a nearby mansion with two beautiful tanned maids with dark skin women living there named Molly and Lalia, who welcome him. They soon reveal themselves to be succubuses, who require his seed, There's a cute wolf girl with fluffy ears who also loves sex, and a devil girl, too. And he gets to fuck them as much as he wants!

There are 9 chapters in the book, all focused on these main characters.

Pages: 208

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