Dear Angel of Despair

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There are plenty of happy endings in this tankoubon... just not for the good guys!
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Kasuga Mayu makes their English-language debut with Dear Angel of Despair!They say the wicked never prosper, but someone forgot to tell the main characters!

Eleven chapters of skullduggery are waiting for you within this book, where the scumbags finally get their day in the sun! In the eponymous "Angel of Despair", a serial killer is sentenced to death by hangingbut before he dies, he'll be in the care of Velvet, an amazing full-service prison maid attending to his every need! Of course this includes the sexual ones, and Velvet will supply him with everything from titjobs to anal sex... but her services come at the ultimate price. Then there's "The Lily Blooms in Lust", a young knight desperate for the approval of her captain Cecilia slips a love potion into her afternoon tea, causing Cecilia to sprout a penis and be driven mad with desire! She's delighted to offer her body to the captain, but underestimates Cecilia's newfound sexual appetite... and the aphrodisiac effects of her love potion-infused essence! But she gets off easy compared to "Shades of Brainwashed Love", where spoiled brat Saya bullies the wrong nerd for the last time! He's got his hands on a fancy new hypnosis app, good enough to make Saya his personal fucktoy... and while he's at it, why not hypnotize the rest of her family and help himself to all the pleasures her life has to offer? Each protagonist is more crooked than the last, and they almost all get off scot-freeso if you want to get off too, buy your copy today!

J18 Publishing and Kasuga Mayu are pleased to present this special English edition of Dear Angel of Despair. Presented in the original A5 form factor and featuring fully translated dialogue and SFX, this release preserves everything you loved about the original Japanese version... except now, you can finally appreciate Kasuga Mayu's artwork without a single black bar of censorship!

Pages: 210
Size: A5

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