Girl in the Library: The Corruption of a Pure Girl vol. 3 (Translated + Uncensored)

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The continuing story of Serizawa Yukiha, a sweet female student who wants to date her classmate Aida. But the janitor Masami has other plans...
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Aida finally works up the courage to ask Yukiha out on a date, but unfortunately Masami Kitou, the school janitor who claimed Yukiha for his own devilish purposes, shows up in her house and starts enjoying her body. Can Yukiha find a way to salvage her date with Aida, so they can finally start to become a proper boyfriend and girlfriend?

A fantastic work of NTR sexual drama, with detailed sexual visuals fans have rarely seen before!

J18 has worked to license this directly with artist Ame Arare to could help English-speaking readers all around the world enjoy their doujinshi works printed with the same high quality as the original, but with no censorship.

Pages: 40

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