Ganbare Doukichan 03 -- Yom (Senpai is Mine)

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Miru Tights creator Yom has given us a a third doujinshi dedicated Doukichan, his super cute character who is a coworker at the same company as us, who we'd love to date!
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This is the third book in the Ganbare Douki-chan series, and it's filled with pictures of our cute sexy coworker, who is very professional while at work but filled with feelings of love while she interacts with you, remember fondly that you hooked up sexually...then realizing that was a dream she had last night. But we think Doukichan and we will definitely be a thing in the future!

The name "douki" means she entered the company at the same time as us, and this there is no senpai or kouhai relationship with her. Yom is the creator of the Miru Tights sexy tights fetish doujinshi series.

circle yom shoten
artist yom
genre original

Pages: 36

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