The Dorm's Manager is Here to Take Care of You

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It's important for a junior dormitory manager to make sure she sees to the needs of her tenants!
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Get ready for another great release from circle Doushoku and J18 Publishing, introducing artist Yohsyu's first English doujinshi: The Dorm's Manager is Here to Take Care of You! This is a sugar-sweet vanilla love story you won't want to miss!

Shinya is a transfer student who's just moved into his new dormitory. The place is pretty run-down, but its saving grace is dormitory manager Shino, helping her grandmother to see to the needs of the building and its occupants! When she goes to Shinya's room one day to deliver his mail, she walks in on him masturbating while calling her name! But rather than getting angry, she whispers in his ear to leave his weekend free... What could she be planning?

This saccharine-sweet doujinshi is the result of a direct collaboration between Yosyu and J18 Publishing! Printed at the same high quality as the Japanese original and without any censorship, this is a great book for lovers of vanilla to add to their collections!

Size: B5
Pages: 44

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